Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Game Fair stars

The lads from Rushyford Game saved the day for us on the Saturday of the CLA Game Fair. Without their help, we'd have had a barbecue with no meat - unthinkable!

Long after all the stands had closed up, Harriet and I spotted them clearing up their smart green burger bar after a hectic day dealing venison burgers. "Er, excuse me, I don't suppose you've got any burgers left you could sell us, only the bloke who was supposed to buy the burgers, er, forgot..."

Well, they couldn't have been more helpful. We staggered away loaded down with not just a big heap of burgers and sausages, but tomatoes, onions, buns - even some smart aprons with the "just ask" logo.

It turns out they're subscribers and big fans of the magazine too - all the nicest people are, of course! Oh and the burgers were delicious - 5 stars Sporting Shooter Tried & Tested!

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