Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Building the perfect pigeon hide

Spot the shooter: with a hide like this, the 
pigeons stand little chance of seeing you.

Today, assistant editor Rebecca and I went to see the guys at ukshootwarehouse to learn how to built the perfect pigeon hide. Father and son Phil and Will Beasley run an impressive sporting agency providing quality pigeon shooting for paying guests. And Matt Hance runs the equipment side of the operation, supplying decoys, hidebuilding materials and much more.

Will took Rebecca and me out to a field on the Waddesdon estate, where his mate Keith Gillings showed us his hidebuilding methods. The results were astonishing - just a few steps back from any angle, and you couldn't see the hide until Keith stood up to take a shot.

We'll be featuring his hidebuilding methods, and many more great tips from these guys, in a new series over the coming months in Sporting Shooter.

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