Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Free video shows value of keepers' work

I've just watched a terrific video produced by the Moorland Association. It's called The Keeper, and it shows the huge benefit to heather moorland when it's managed well for grouse shooting.

The video is nicely made, with the main characters being Fred the gamekeeper and Adam, a young lad who bumps into him when he wanders off on a school trip. The conversation between the two covers the wide range of flora and fauna on the moor, and how the keeper's work benefits waders and other rare birds. Subjects include heather burning and predator control, and we see a carrion crow in a Larsen trap.

The film doesn't shy away from the fact that it's basically being done to produce grouse shooting, but that is explained in context too.

All in all a great educational tool - and if you're in a position to show it to groups of youngsters, you can get a copy free! Just follow this link to the Moorland Association website and order online.

Let's hope it inspires a few more shooting estates to invite schools to come and learn what it's all about.

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