Friday, 31 October 2008

Danny the champion of the rabbit catchers

Meet Danny Sumpter, the man who has just taught me a whole new way of catching rabbits. He learnt it from Glenn Waters, who sent Danny this note 12 years ago:

Shortly afterwards Danny sold his ferrets and his rabbit cage traps - they were redundant, because Glenn's method was so effective he didn't need them any more.

The system is based on a special snare rig, made from high-tensile fence wire. This holds up a 23 1/2 inch brass wire snare, which is set in a rabbit run directly over the 'beat' where the rabbit's feet land as it runs.

There's no fiddly tealer stick - it only takes a moment to set. The loop is set much larger than I used to do it - but it certainly works!

Danny took me to a field where he had set a couple of dozen snares last night. As we drove in through the gate, it looked like it had been raining dead rabbits. We picked up 16 rabbits in all, which is a phenomenal catch rate.

Below is a video of Danny showing how to set one of his snares. I'll explain the snare and his methods in more detail in the Christmas issue - don't miss it!

More info about Glenn Waters' snare designs here »
Buy the snares ready made here »


Hubert Hubert said...

This really is a tremendously interesting post. It's helped me to understand what a 'beat' is for a start, which I didn't have a clue about before. I may well have to have a go at this...

Jack W said...

Great post, im 15 years old and i do a lot of shooting etc. I have been setting snares for a while now, without success. I now understand what a 'Beat' is and have ordered some of the snares shown. I will be sure to use the method shown.