Thursday 30 October 2008

The trouble with lead-acid batteries... they make holes like this in your clothes. And gloves:

I visited Robert Bucknell yesterday, and he showed me the damage to his foxshooting coat - the result of carrying the old style non-gel lead-acid batteries to power his lamp. The camouflage pattern is Czech, apparently, and he finds it particularly effective, so he still uses the coat.

Nowadays he has gel-type batteries that don't spill - and like me he's looking forward to trying the ultra-light new lithium ion battery from Deben. Deben's first batch sold out in no time, but more are on the way.

Robert has built a new tyre tower at a strategic spot on his farm. He's a big fan of the tyre system, especially this time of year as the tyres give plenty of protection from cold winds. More info and photos in the next issue of the magazine.

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