Saturday, 4 October 2008

Ferret rescue

I knew Pop was going to be trouble (see earlier post) - that's the slippery little rascal in the video above. Sure enough, she got up to all sorts of mischief while I was away in Scotland. Daughter Vicky was looking after the 5 jills while we were away, and I'd topped up their food and water so they would need little more than a quick check each day.

Coming home from school, Vicky noticed a poster on a lamp-post in the street - "Ferret Found". She rushed down the garden and counted... 1, 2, 3, 4 ferrets - 1 missing!

She dialled the number on the poster (it was a house about 100 yards down the street) and discovered that the missing ferret - yes it was Pop! - had already been picked up by Surrey Ferret Rescue.

This morning I drove down to Guildford and met Michele who currently has 12 rescued ferrets in her garden shed. We had a long chat about the tricks ferrets get up to, I gave her a modest donation towards the cost of ferret food etc, and drove home with the miscreant in a carrying box.

Back in the hutch, the other jills sniffed her inquisitively, and she soon settled down. I've found the tiny gap in the wire that she slipped through - although none of the other 4 found it - and fixed it up good and tight so she can't get out that way again.

I'll have to keep a close watch on her though, as she is proving to be the best escape artist ferret I've ever had - and that's saying something!

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