Monday 13 October 2008

Lies & statistics

Nearly four-fifths (79%) of people in Scotland now support a ban on snares claims the anti organisation Advocates for Animals.

What rubbish! Just look at the way they asked the question:
"Snares have the potential to cause extreme suffering to animals and in some cases a painful, lingering death. Any animal is at risk from a snare, including protected species such as otters and badgers as well as deer, hare, livestock and even domestic cats and dogs. The Scottish Government recently announced that it does not intend to bring in an outright ban on snaring. Do you think the use of snares should be banned in Scotland or not?"
Who wouldn't answer yes to a question like that? That's not an opinion poll, it's a joke.

I have no problem with people who don't like shooting, fishing, hunting, etc. That's their choice, and I'll happily debate the issues with them all day long. But I have no time at all for devious liars. By pushing out misleading drivel like this, Advocates for Animals have lost any right to be taken seriously by politicians or the media.

The antis are past masters at using fake 'polls' to support their arguments. Just recently MORI was rapped by the British Polling Council for the way they ran a poll for the League Against Cruel Sports. Details here »

Just for fun, try substituting the words "sea eagles" for "snares" in the A4A poll question and ask yourself what the vote would be.

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