Tuesday 23 December 2008

Animal rights terrorists convicted

Strangely, you won't find this story on the websites of Animal Aid, LACS, or any of the other animal rights nutters who are usually so quick to jump on a bandwagon. Maybe that's because it gives us too much of an insight into the characters who infest the animal rights movement - and by doing so actually hold back the cause of animal welfare.

Animal Aid, incidentally, have just released a ludicrous video of their "Undercover Footage From The 2008 Gamebird Shooting Season" - several minutes of wobbly video of, gasp, people firing guns in the air. Gosh, never knew that happened on shoots. And, ooh, a gundog retrieving a shot bird which is promptly dispatched by the handler. All interspersed with some even wobblier shots of a sick partridge in a pen. As if that proved anything. Oh, and guys, if you walk up to a larsen trap and poke a video camera at the decoy bird, you are causing it distress. Please don't.

Honestly, if people want to see what happens on a shoot, there's no need to skulk about in the bushes with a handheld camcorder. They only have to ask. We have nothing to hide. Unlike certain animal rights activists.


Anonymous said...

"many pheasant body parts are dumped at the side of the road"

what kind of moron would actually take the time to put all the bits into his car, drive for miles to find a quiet spot and dump them when he could just as easily put them in a wheelie bin? that has to be some idiot animal aid person making stuff up again.

"many pheasants die under the wheels of cars each year"

So its just game keepers and shooters that drive then is it? its down to the game keepers who spend their lives looking after them and not the idiot teenagers in their corsas? its not as if the keepers are all lined up in their landrovers, argocats and quads trying to take out the pheasants! keepers are probobally more mad that they die on the road than animal aid are.

bunch of idiots! how empty must their lifes be for them to find time to hide in a bush and film a shoot? and i dont know a single game keeper that uses chicken wire on pens so how can a pheasant get its head stuck in the mesh if it was never there? and not one single keeper leaves the doors to his rearing shed unlocked so they must have broken in to get footage of the pheasants!

Winston said...

Here, here!

Please, please don't think that all animal charities are run by freaky veggie nutters.

I run an animal rescue centre but also hunt my own meat, go ferreting and kill and eat my home reared chickens and guinea-fowl ... some of us animal nuts are alright!!!

James Marchington said...

Pet-tacular, good on you mate! Actually I've nothing against veggies per se - free country and all that; some of my friends are veggies. I don't try to force them to eat meat, and I'd be obliged if they'd leave me to my choice of dinner. I don't even mind them enquiring politely whether my dinner's welfare was looked after; it's a question I want the answer to as well. Anyone who tells me that my dinner has as much right to life as I do, however, can go take a flying feck!