Monday 15 December 2008

Desperate times at Animal Aid

Things must be bad at Animal Aid – their latest 'report' is hilarious. Talk about clutching at straws!

It reveals – wait for it – it costs more to produce a pheasant than it's worth on the supermarket shelf.

And – gasp – game is promoted by pro-shooting organisations like BASC and Countryside Alliance.

Wait, there's more... apparently, cartridges are quite expensive nowadays – eek! And on and on.

I laughed out loud when I saw Animal Aid, of all people, rubbishing surveys and questionnaires. Apparently results are possibly biased towards people who have strong views on particular issues. Oh really? You mean like the "opinion polls" constantly quoted by antis to "prove" that the public oppose hunting, fishing, snaring, eating meat, wearing tweed or talking a bit posh.

Dress that up with a few irrelevant but ugly photos of "dumped body parts" (looks to me like wings trimmed from pheasants being prepared for the oven), "incarcerated" pheasants and dead foxes, and – hey presto – you have a "damning new report".

Damning it certainly is – it shows how desperate the antis have become, now that what remains of their support is dwindling away!


Anonymous said...

Fortunately for humanity it's people like yourself that are 'dwindling away'.
The rest of us are living in the 21st century where very few people consider your 'pastimes' (or whatever you want to call them but certainly not 'sport' please) to be acceptable or relevant.

James Marchington said...

Oh dear, me and the other 999,999 active shooters in the UK (and millions more worldwide) are dwindling, unacceptable and irrelevant. Remind me, how many active supporters do Animal Aid have? Oh, that's right, they don't publish the figure do they. I wonder why.

Unknown said...

Really? Is there a million of us in the UK? That is heartwarming.

Keep at 'em James!

I do a bit of occasional creative writing. I would like to follow your lead and join in the disapproval of the antis. Can you give some links to the opinion polls they are constantly quoting? The one about tweed certainly seems worth pursuing.

Can you also give me a reference to the one million shooters? I would like to use that but I don't like firing from the hip.

James Marchington said...

@ Kit, Sure - email me -

Anonymous said...

Not even brave enough to leave their name.....that says a lot. When there is no war, no hunger, no child abuse- then I will sit down and consider if I need to kill animals for food, and if it is in their best interests to be owned and used by humans. Untl then I consider I raise and harvest my food in an honest and humane way in partnership with my dog. And the new beaters I meet every week prove we are not dwindling away!

James Marchington said...

"Kit said... I occasionally do a bit of creative writing" You certainly do - this pile of drivel for a start