Sunday 14 December 2008

I'm in the Mail!

...spouting about the etiquette and safety rules of shooting, as they relate to Princes William & Harry, pictured shooting with friends at Sandringham. They cut the article short in the printed paper, but the full piece is on the website here:

I had a call from a Mail journalist yesterday afternoon, asking for a comment on the photos, which they couldn't let me see but would only describe over the phone. Difficult to have an opinion then!

Still, I did my best, and they quoted me reasonably accurately (would I really have talked about "walking from one shoot to the next"?!) And they kept in my comment about the excellent safety record of shooting.

Shame they didn't ask me what I thought of photographers sneaking round in the bushes with ultra-long lenses, grabbing shots of the royals minding their own business!

And honestly, "deployed her pheasant-blasting skills"??!! Who writes this rubbish? Clearly someone who wouldn't know a Purdey from a Kalashnikov.

Incidentally, what do you think of the photo of William, apparently firing rather low over the others' heads? It looks like a most unsafe shot, doesn't it. But then look at the others' eyelines - they are all looking to their front, apparently at his target. I reckon the very long lens has foreshortened the perspective, and he's actually firing at a target 20 or 30 yards in front of them.

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