Sunday 14 December 2008

Animal Aid whining about cruelty to clay pigeons

Trust Animal Aid to jump on the chance to take a cheap shot at the Royal Family – and then shoot themselves in the foot!

In the Mail's story, AA director Andrew Tyler is quoted moaning about Kate Middleton "senselessly taking the lives of birds" and being "drawn into the Royal habit of killing for fun" (an appalling misrepresentation of what a day's shooting is all about, but what would he know?).

But take a closer look at those photos. Are they shooting pheasants? I think not. It's certainly not a formal driven shoot - guns standing round watching as one shoots, nobody on a peg. And it doesn't look like rough shooting to me either. They're clearly standing in one spot, calling for a target from a known location.

No, I'm quite sure they popped out for a bit of clay practice. And I bet they're having a good laugh about the stupid comments in today's papers!

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