Tuesday 21 October 2008

Up North Journal podcast

I've been listening to the weekly Up North Journal podcast on my drive into work. It's produced by Mike Adams, a hunter based in Michigan, and his son, er, Mike Adams.

For a UK-based shooter, it's a fascinating insight into how they do things 'over there' in the USA. Much of what they describe is very different to what we're used to. For instance bow-hunting for deer, something that would be very illegal here.

For me, though, what comes through is the similarities - their love of the outdoors, respect for the quarry, and that instinct deep inside that drives us to drag ourselves from a nice warm bed at stupid o'clock in the hope of bagging that elusive duck, deer, etc. Plus they're big on encouraging youngsters into the sport. Women too - and that's a rapidly growing theme in the US.

Give it a try - you can listen in your browser here »


Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Illegal to hunt deer with a bow? Why is that? They do it here largely because it is safer than rifle-shooting.

James Marchington said...

A lot of our game laws came about as a way of stopping the peasants going after the landowners' game, and I'd guess that's where this one came from.

Nowadays any new laws tend to be driven by environment and animal welfare concerns, whether real or imagined.

There's a very active animal rights lobby here who are continually trying to whip up concerns about animal welfare, and portraying shooters & gamekeepers as blood-crazed lunatics.

Certainly they would whip up a huge fuss at any attempt to legalise bowhunting here.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Its a funny thing isn't it? from my research you're quite right about the bow being banned as a hunting weapon to stop the oiks eating the lords deer.

In recent times (the last two years) the welcome I've received at most archery grounds has been less than warm once I tell them i want to practice with a compound bow and Broadheads.