Thursday 6 January 2011

Hunters welcome!

Seen over the A361 near Tiverton...

No, not really - it's a small town in the US, where "hunter" isn't automatically a dirty word (yet). Thanks to David Taylor, the Countryside Alliance's new Shooting Campaigns Manager, who took it when he was in the States over the New Year.

Read his views on the different attitudes to gun legislation here and there, in next month's issue of Sporting Shooter.


vicky said...

I think we have a word problem in the UK. 'Shooter' can bring to mind images of 'toffs wih guns murdering the wildlife' or of someone running wild with a gun. 'Hunter' inevitably gets people thinking of the picture postcard fox hunt and all they wrongly assume about that. In America 'Hunter' is generally a better received word making people think of someone going off into the woods for some family bonding and to bring home some meat. We need an all new single word for people who shoot ethically to provide pest control, good food and care for the environment!!!!!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Vicky is right, what if the sign read
"Wildavores Welcome"