Wednesday 5 January 2011

How to catch a mouse - without a trap

"There's a mouse in the house, what can I do?" It was my daughter Emma, visiting her boyfriend Steve in North London.

I could lend her a trap next time she came home - I've got several types to choose from. But she wanted it gone pronto.

OK says I, have you got a vase, or a water jug, and a piece of wood? Er, yes...

Well, put some peanut butter in the bottom of the jug, put it near where you've seen the mouse, and lean a piece of wood against it for the mouse to use as a ramp.

"That'll never work, will it?" says Emma. Two days later...

It's nice to be proved right now and again! Incidentally, this is why you should never throw away old bottles and such in the countryside. Mice and voles go in and can't get out.

And if you're wondering, Steve released the mouse "back into the wild", as they say in all the best wildlife programmes.


Anonymous said...

thats a good tip james

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Morning James

Myself and Ex Mrs SBW had a disagreement about (among other things) mouse hunting. We settled it with a mouse-off competition with her using the new-fangled Nutella and me the stout defender of the traditional peanut butter. She won.