Monday 3 January 2011

Foxes scrapping in the street

My younger daughter, Vicky, came across these two foxes having a scrap in the middle of the road in suburban Surbiton. She says they took no notice of the car, and at times she could have reached out and touched them.

Foxes in this area seem to be getting bolder all the time - there's one that hangs round the carpark at Waitrose in Esher, which expects you to walk round it, rather than get out of your way!

Various friends have told me they stopped feeding foxes in their gardens after the newspaper reports of fox attacks on children last year - but they felt sorry for them in the recent hard weather and have started putting food out again.

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Anonymous said...

foxes are getting bolder now there have stopped the hunts me and chris dean put on up of its bed yesterday we was about 6 foot away from it but a good video