Tuesday 4 January 2011

Antis chucking in the towel

Fancy that! In the last couple of days, I've learned that two of shooting's most vociferous adversaries are moving on.

Douglas Batchelor, chief exec of the League Against Cruel Sports, has announced he is retiring this summer.

And Mark Avery, conservation director of the RSPB, let slip in a recent blog post that he will leave the bird-botherers in April. Just in time to apply for Batchelor's job perhaps? No, I don't think Avery is bonkers enough for them.

So does this mean shooting will get an easy ride, free from polemical rants about how we're all bloodthirsty psychopaths with a penchant for throwing toxic substances around the environment and persecuting anything with a hooky-beak?

I'm guessing not.


Alan Tilmouth said...

Your self awareness classes are working a treat James, happy new year!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to think so , but i am sure there will be someone out there who will be as narrowed minded , who will be willing to step in .

James Marchington said...

Hello Alan, nice to see you're still here. Happy New Year!

Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

Aah the fat controller is to leave the RSPB. (His nickname at the lodge) I wonder what conservation legacy he has left the RSPB. Ask many and apart from culling Ruddy Ducks and introduction of Kites into Northern Ireland on the flimsiest of evidence not alot.

Lets hope the next one is better. I think that slowly the deadwood at the top of the organisation is leaving and hopefully they will start to refocus on birds per se rather than this horrendous natures voice.

Ghostrifle said...

I will miss them it will be like not having toothache.

vicky said...

Obviously whoever takes over at LACS will still cause shooters problems; they just dont like people killing animals (unless they are rats, or in a slaughterhouse perhaps). We should hope that the RSPB appoint someone who can really embrace all the good shooting does for wild birds and who is sensitive to the fears of landowners and farmers when raptors are being encouraged. Only when we're all pulling together will things really get better for wild birds.

Daviddegernier said...

"I will miss them it will be like not having toothache. "

more like not having piles methinks.