Wednesday 17 March 2010

Bryan Griffiths cleared of manslaughter

Just in: Griffiths has been found not guilty of the manslaughter of Trevor Morse. News story here.

Simon Hart of the Countryside Alliance comments: "It is for the police to enforce the law of the land, not self-appointed vigilantes. Surely Trevor Morse’s death makes that clear?" Read the full article here.

With impeccable taste and timing, Griffiths' colleagues have vowed to continue their "fight" against the Warwickshire Hunt, declaring "the war is far from over."

Griffiths has told the Mirror "I've had a lot of sleepless nights. It's something I shall live with for the rest of my life."

From the Telegraph:
It can also be disclosed that John Curtin, 47, who was a passenger in the gyrocopter when Mr Morse died, is an animal rights' extremist with a string of convictions.
In the transcript of an interview he gave six years ago, Mr Curtin boasted of violence and arson against opponents.
He once plotted to dig up the remains of the 10th Duke of Beaufort and send his head to the Princess Royal.
Yet the jury at Birmingham crown court heard nothing about Mr Curtin's criminal past when it was ruled, after legal discussions that were not held in front of the jury, that his past record meant he should not give evidence.


Vicky said...

Now, anti's. Just remember a man still died before you crack open the bubbly. Perhaps no punishment is required for Mr Griffiths as he will always know he killed a man whether it was his fault or not. I hope this case makes hunt monitors consider how they monitor in future to avoid confrontations- maybe low flying 'copters are not the best or safest way? Why not borrow a horse and join in? You'd see everything then......

Meconopsis said...

Would I go near a hunt next year with a camera ??

I dont think the hunt folk are going to like this and remember NO film from antis can now be used by the police at all !!!!!!!!!!!

Rules are Rules and we must stick to the LAW !!!!!!!!!!!!

Cloudhunter said...

Cleared of manslaughter?! I'm once again lost for words.

James Marchington said...

This trial was never about pro v anti-hunting. It should be irrelevant who supported which side. The only valid question was, in the circumstances, was it manslaughter for a person in an autogyro to accelerate towards another person on foot. Put a hunt supporter in the gyro and an anti on the ground, and the result should be the same.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's tragic that a man lost his life in this incident. But it was Mr Morse who chose to cause the confrontation by driving to where the aircraft was and deliberately pinning it in. Had he not taken it upon himself to try and pin a gyrocopter in, he would never have been in harms way. I'm sorry, but if a big, burly, angry man chose to confront me, i'd run for it too and if he got hurt in the process, and regrettable as it is.... And thank god the jury had the common sense to agree that those who choose to confront rather than walk away are the authors of their own misfortune.

James Marchington said...

What, like the farmer who confronts a trespasser, the shopkeeper who confronts a suspected shoplifter or the teacher who confronts someone hanging around the schoolground? Come on anon, in a civilised society we should be able to get through this sort of thing without lives being lost. We have laws to stop people over reacting. As I wasn't there, or at the trial, I can't comment on this case, and I trust the jury came to the right decision based on the evidence.

I wonder if there should be a law preventing people aggressively & confrontationally following people going about their own business on private land on the grounds that they might break a law. Or where does it end. I might trim my hedge at the weekend and disturb a bird's nest. Do you want the right to hover over my garden filming me? I'd be cheesed off if the cops did that, never mind a bunch of whiny sanctimonious harridans.

Meconopsis said...

James when we owned a rough wood yard in Methel my old man always told me dont go for the front guy !! Go for the yappers at the back of him.

In this case the yappers were 2 of the worst Sabs in the country !!

Grave digging give me a break how low can these people go ?