Tuesday 30 March 2010

When contextual advertising goes wrong

It's clever how Google put those 'contextual' ads next to blogs, photos and videos on websites. You may see some in the narrow column on the right of this blog page.

Usually they are very well targeted - on this blog, for instance, I often see ads for shooting grounds, Fieldsportschannel.tv, the Countryside Alliance etc. Things have certainly moved on from the days when any mention of the word 'gun' brought a rash of ads about survivalist groups and self-defence classes in New York.

Just now and again they get it wrong though. Today I went to see Mark Gilchrist to take some photos for his next article - we're featuring a delicious dish of rabbit cooked in a creamy cider sauce. I went back to look at an old Youtube clip where Mark explains how to skin and prepare a rabbit - and up popped this ad for a rabbit boarding kennels.

Sorry guys, this rabbit won't be needing to board anywhere, even with the tempting offer of an introductory discount!


Scott Cromwell said...

Hi James,

I have a question for you. It has nothing to do with the subject of this blog. It is about game cover. We are looking to plant some game crop in a pen that we could not sow and the soil isn't of great quality. We have heard about game crop that grows in hard conditions and that can just be scattered and left to grow on thop of the soil. If you know the nam of this crop or something simialar could you please reply to this comment or e-mail me: scottcromwell@tiscali.co.uk



The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Is this some kind of convoluted April fools joke james?
I can clearly see a rabbit being boarded.