Thursday 22 October 2009

Get closer to nature - eat some

I'm ashamed to say I hadn't heard of chef Georgia Pellegrini before. But having stumbled on this post on her blog, I want to find out more about her work.
"Hunting is not about male bonding in the woods anymore… it’s about understanding how to participate in nature, how to hunt for food, take only what you can eat, use every part of the animal and treat it with respect all the way to the plate..."


NIGEL ALLEN's Official Airgun Blog said...

Me, too. Not only is she hot, that's an AIRGUN she's holding!!!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Get to the back of the queue.
You know the rules, those of us who are in the the 'Catch and release' program first.

vicky said...

Sick of shooting women only getting noticed if they're 'hot'. Why do catalogues only feature size 0 waifs in their gear? Why is the gear designed to look good but not be practical? Where is the gear for me? a 5foot 2 all terain beater? Did not look at all glam sat in a ditch at 6am yesterday morning waiting for geese that never came! I support her cause, just don't see why the sultry photo to promote it.

James Marchington said...

Oh, is she hot? Can't say I'd noticed.


vicky said...

Make up for it by printing picture of 'hot' shooting male with a nice springer for me!