Wednesday 27 May 2009

Precisely how 'not uncommon' is this?

Those nutters at Animal Aid are at it again. With Balmoral gamekeeper Robbie Elliott facing prosecution over 2 badgers killed in snares, the lies and hyperbole against snaring are positively gushing forth: "It is not uncommon for snared animals to chew off their limbs in an effort to escape" claims their ridiculous statement. Really? Care to back that up with evidence? Thought not - Animal Aid, like LACS, were never ones to let mere facts get in the way of a sentimental rant (LACS do a beter job of dressing up this sort of hatred as a 'report' of an 'investigation', but their latest 'War on Wildlife' is full of snide digs at guns 'paying large sums of money to shoot birds for pleasure').

Their argument is that people sometimes do illegal things with illegal snares. So let's ban legal snares. Because that will help. Hey, people sometimes break the law in their cars. Let's ban cars...

These ludicrous organisations are strangely quiet about the baby rabbits dug up and killed by badgers on Springwatch last night. If that had been done by a gamekeeper they'd have been shouting their heads off. But the idea that ickle animals kill and eat each other's babies just doesn't fit their childish view of wildlife.

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Meconopsis said...

More to this story than you think James. The keeper in question was not liked by a few of the locals !!!!!!! maybe set up ??