Tuesday 26 May 2009

Funny old world

Here are two totally unrelated things that happened over the weekend:

i) I paid for 30 minutes in a council car park and actually returned 34 minutes later (as it happens I was trying to contact my elderly father-in-law, who suffers from diabetes, and lost track of the time). In those 4 minutes, the extremely vigilant 'enforcement officer' had slapped a £50 ticket on the car.

ii) A group of, er, travelling folk, have concreted over a 4-acre green-belt site, rushing to get the job done over the bank holiday before council officers returned to work and put a stop to it. Story here.

One of the above will most likely get off scot free. As I said in the heading, it's a funny old world.

1 comment:

Meconopsis said...

James you have a mobile phone with gps, you have a bank account, you have a job, you hold a FAC and you are on the electoral role.

Where ever you go you are being watched !!!!!

The others cant be found !!!!!!