Thursday, 7 May 2009

Is shooting missing a trick?

I recently received a press notice about the 2009 Festival of Falconry (near Reading, 11-12 July). I attended this event two years ago (report here), and found it fascinating - a great day out for anyone with an interest in conservation and the countryside, whether or not you're into falconry. More details here...

And why the headline about 'missing a trick'? Well, it seems Arab falconry is making a submission to have falconry recognised by UNESCO as an 'Intangible Cultural Heritage'. Says the press release: 'Arab falconers will be on hand to explain how their desert heritage binds them together - linking past with present and future life.'

Well, if falconry can do it, what about shooting? OK, we spend a lot of our time looking back only as far as the Victorian era, but the history, traditions and heritage of shooting go back way further than that - and nothing could be more fundamental to our past than hunting and gathering wild food. As I've said before, we are living history - and we should make more of it!


Albert A Rasch said...

That's an excellent idea! Now if only we could be as well funded as the Arabs.

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Meconopsis said...

Well spotted Mr Ed !!!!!!!! I always say to the old keepers I hang about with that I wish I had been born when they were as they have seen the very best of the sport. Sadly we are now left with all the crap that the government and the agri science people have left us with ! Basically naff all !

vicky said...

That defence has already failed in the UK courts....I believe a man tried to claim that as his culture revered hunting dogs and that his god gave him the right to hunt with a long dog then he should be allowed to continue to course hares....sadly I can't find any links to it at the moment.