Monday 19 January 2009

Quick way to skin a squirrel

Now we all know it's a good idea to shoot grey squirrels, and that they can be good to eat. But getting one out of its fur jumpsuit can be quite a challenge. Unlike rabbits, a squirrel's skin is very firmly attached.

Browsing round the internet, I came across this method, which apparently comes from an old book called The Joy Of Cooking.

Has anyone tried it, and can tell me how well it works?

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mdmnm said...

I think it works pretty well, but I get more hair on the meat that way than if I go the other direction after suspending the squirrel by the head from a stout limb. I haven't cleaned a lot of squirrels, though.
Joy of Cooking is a pretty seminal American cookbook- it has directions for doing almost anything (at least in the older editions) and is pretty typically a first cookbook for many of us and held onto forever as a reference.