Sunday, 4 January 2009

New use for a handwarmer

In this weather, the ferrets' water freezes overnight, and it never gets warm enough during the day to thaw again. Each day I've been bringing the bottles inside and running them under the hot tap until they're thawed - the ferrets love drinking the warm water afterwards. I suppose it's like me enjoying a hot cup of tea while I'm sitting in a chilly hide.

Then I had a brainwave - at least I think it is! I fired up one of the excellent Peacock handwarmers, and propped it between the ferrets' water bottles. So long as it doesn't go out overnight, it should provide enough heat to keep the water from freezing. I hope so anyway - I'll let you know if it works.

UPDATE: It worked a treat - the water stayed unfrozen, and was even slightly warm in the morning. On the other hand, Robin's simple commonsense solution (see comment below) is practical and cheaper!


Ferreting with Robin said...

i take my bottles in when it gets dark and put them out again first thing in the morning that way they never get frozen

Winston said...

My ferret actually likes a warm cup of milky tea after a hard afternoon's hunting!

Unfortunately where I stay it's been minus 13 in the day and even in the day in the shed the bottles are freezing so I'll give your hand warmer idea a go ... my dude's been living indoors and my utility room stinks!

I like your blog btw!

James Marchington said...

Pet-tacular, welcome, and thanks for commenting. We haven't had it that cold yet, minus 10 last night - but for us nesh southerners that's quite cold enough! My daughter has nicked my zippo fuel for her boyfriend's lighter, so I guess I'll be bringing the bottles indoors tonight!