Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Great gift idea

According to the Daily Star - so it must be true - Prince William has given Kate Middleton a £500 Swarovski rangefinder for her 27th birthday. Story here... Good choice.

Sadly, the paper has completely failed to grasp what a rangefinder is. They seem to think it's a telescopic sight. In tabloid-speak: "the sights are fitted on high-powered rifles used for deer hunting on the royals’ Highland hideaway Balmoral". Yeah, right.

And of course there's the obligatory hate comment from LACS about this "barbaric, unacceptable pastime." Er, that'll be the barbaric and unacceptable practice of culling deer, as required by the government, with a single shot placed to give an instant humane kill. Honestly, where do they find these morons? And why do journalists trot out their misinformed rubbish?

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