Tuesday, 9 September 2008

RSPB may be getting the message

Oh good grief! Another moron has shot a red kite, this time in Co Down, Northern Ireland. Story from The Independent here...

How stupid would you have to be? "Duh, there's one of them kites... er... I know, I'll shoot it." How would that ever seem like a good idea?

It's all very well saying that shooters should stick together. But just because I'm a shooter, it doesn't mean I agree with everything that every shooter does. I'm a driver too - and I wouldn't want to be associated with some of the stupid things some drivers do.

There's one bright spot in this sorry saga. For once the RSPB haven't jumped up to slag off shooters and keepers. Their press release scores a mere 4 out of 5 on the mawkishness scale, and there's absolutely no hint that shooting interests were involved.

Dr Mark Avery is quoted as saying "these birds should be a treasured addition to our countryside and not a target for illegal shooting." And that's it. No digs about local game shoots, no suggestion that keepers are persecuting anything. Now that's progress.

Dr Mark Avery of the RSPB,
pictured at a CLA Game Fair

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