Thursday 18 September 2008

National anti-shooting week (yawn)

The whingers at Animal Aid have decided to declare next week (22-28 Sept) "National Anti-Shooting Week", and have posted a load of misleading drivel on their website, moaning that the Labour government supports shooting, waaa, it's not fair, etc, etc.

There's a feeble (aka "hard-hitting"!) video showing a lot of poults, with bits fitted, crammed into wire cages - ie nothing like the way birds are reared and released in this country. Plus a heap of lies and misinformation dressed up as "facts". They push this drivel at well-meaning members of the public via street stalls, and at kids in schools via "education packs". You'd think that teachers had a duty to present a balanced argument, but apparently not.

The good news is that the campaign will fall flat on its face, i) because Labour have rather bigger problems on their mind at the moment, and ii) because Animal Aid have totally missed the boat - the British public are bored with their class hatred and whining, and are discovering that game is actually rather tasty!

In fact, it's now de rigeur for any up-and-coming TV celeb foody to go out and catch/shoot some wildlife to put in the pot - the latest example of which was Valentine Warner ("the Russell Brand of the kitchen") potting rabbits with an air rifle in his new BBC series 'What to Eat Now' - excellent stuff.

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Phasianus said...

So James, you object to principled people with views different to your own of passing their ethic and values to children. Do you hold similar views on the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Associations? And how about Sunday School teachers? But James, exactly what is the purpose of the BASC Young Shots campaign promoted by your magazine?