Sunday, 31 October 2010

Shot a fox

Nobody told the fox that the hour had changed, so he was following his usual routine and appeared about 6.50 GMT. The plan was to call him in across the field to my front, and I was all set up to take a good steady shot. I called a couple of times, and saw nothing - then suddenly there he was, almost at my feet, looking up as if to say "what's a dying rabbit doing up there?" I adjusted my position as quietly as possible, and took the shot as he stared up at me, trying to work it all out. At such close range the .17HMR knocked him flat with no trouble. He was a biggish adult dog, not one of this year's cubs, and in excellent condition.


Gary Thompson said...

why not just jump out of your stand and stab him with a knife?

James Marchington said...

I did find myself wishing I'd brought the shotgun instead - with a rifle there's such a thing as too close!

vicky said...

Not the sort of thing most people would want to see but it demonstrated a good, clean kill. He didn't look like he knew a thing about it.