Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Is the RSPCA bullying vets?

Here's an alarming report (on a transparently anti-RSPCA blog) suggesting that the RSPCA is deliberately intimidating vets who dare to stand up as expert witnesses against them in court cases. I hope it's not true, but on past performance I have to say it sounds very much in character with this organisation, which seems to have forgotten its primary purpose of looking after animals and now prefers to march around in uniforms intimidating people.

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vicky said...

I have been up in court FOR the RSPCA. It is very intimidating anyway having people wanting yes/no answers to questions which don't have clear cut answers. Everyone has a right to defend themselves and in some cases defendants will need an expert vet. If the RSPCA are intimidating the expert witnesses what hope do GP vets have if a client is accused of cruelty and we know differently?