Tuesday 29 June 2010

Shooting: The Sport, The Facts

Mike Yardley has produced this excellent video to present the true facts about shooting in the UK, and to counter the hysterical nonsense put about by anti-gun campaigners.

Here's Mike with video whiz Tony Morris, who burned the midnight oil to get the film made.

The video is not perfect, but it goes a long way to redressing the balance. We could do with more of this type of thing. Perhaps, in due course, we can expect this sort of output from BASC's new communications centre.

Meanwhile in other news, animal rights nutters have been making threats to BBC Gardener's Question Time panellists for giving helpful advice on controlling garden pests. Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid (achievements include "Stopped pig racing events at a country fair") is quoted: "The whole premise of gardeners killing squirrels is hateful and bigoted. It's the worst kind of intolerance." Er no, Andrew, there are worse examples of hate, bigotry and intolerance.

And yet it's the reaction of extremists like this that creates the belief within media organisations that pest control is "controversial". No it's not. The vast majority of people agree that pests need to be controlled. Half a dozen fruitloops shouting the odds does not constitute a controversy. BBC please take note.

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Sooty said...

Always find it strange that all people working in the countryside say without exception that small birds are decreasing at alarming rate due to far too many Magpies,Crows,Jackdaws and Grey Squirrels plus too many badgers are hoovering up ground nesting birds.Seems even stranger that those who go out bird watching for a hour now and then say that the RSPB say they have no effect on the population,meanwhile small bird population drops all the time due to intensive farming.Why can't the RSPB and these people understand that farm chemicals are very costly and only used as a last resort.