Monday 28 June 2010


At last! I've captured Mr Fox taking the eggs. There's even a hedgehog bumbling along when he comes back for the second one. Watch how the hedgehog jumps when he realises there's a fox nearby. You can practically hear him go "Oh, $#!7, a fox!" as he rolls up.

It's fascinating to see the fox use its paw to roll the egg into reach - exactly what my young lab, Bracken does when she's got her favourite tennis ball wedged behind the water bowl.

The third time the fox comes back, he seemes quite peeved that there are no eggs left - lazy hens aren't laying fast enough!

For those who're interested, this was shot with the excellent Mini DVR2 from Dogcamsport, rigged up on a ball-head mount, and illuminated with a cctv IR lamp that I bought on eBay.


murphyfish said...

Hello James,
Excellent footage and well worth waiting for. Seems that the fox became less careful and more inquisitive with each egg.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

You must be delighted! that's awesome!!