Monday 14 June 2010

Great father's day gift

Our new pigeon shooting DVD is the perfect gift for any father who's a keen pigeonshooter. Order now for delivery in time for Fathers Day - you can order online here »

Watch the preview:

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Meconopsis said...

As you all know there was something on the telly today at 3pm.

Yes it was the new Pigeon shooting DVD by James and his friends.

Nearly 80 min's of very good film.

Andy came over as a real shooting man with a huge depth of knowledge and it was good to see him mix the new methods with the time served techniques.

Mark was as usual very comfy in front of the camera.

The host Mr Marchington asks the correct questions and professionally gels the whole program together.

Some might say there could be more shooting I would say the DVD is a superb mix of decoying methods along with some superb action along with a wonderful preparation and cooking demonstration at the end.

What more could you ask for.

All in all its is really worth a watch even if you think you are a pro !

Would I buy it ??

No as mine came through the post today as a gift :-))

Ho there was another program on at 3pm that a few folk were watching.

I hear it was 11 over paid women kicking a ball about a field and falling down when anyone went close to them !!