Saturday 6 February 2010

Pigeons and video


Today I've been out pigeon shooting with Andy Pye, working with David from on our forthcoming pigeonshooting DVD.

Andy started the day with high hopes: it was the first chance to get at the pigeons since the end of the game season, and a flock of 2,000 or so had been feeding on this rape field for the past few days. With a dozen or so other shooters out in the area, we should keep them on the move, and perhaps get a big bag.

Well, pigeons never read the manual, and these birds led us a merry dance all day. The forecast wind never really happened, and the sun came out. Conditions were far from ideal. 

We set up, changed our minds, moved into the wood, moved the decoys again, then went back into the wood. By the end of the day there were 74 birds in the bag between three of us, and we'd earned every one.

David appeared to have got plenty of good video, and now we're planning another visit next week, after the cover crops are cut.

More photos on my flickr page...

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Eddie Jones said...

Its typical of pigeons isnt it.Me and my dad went roost shooting yesterday evening and we have had over 1,000 pigeons roosting for the last month in our wood.We ended up with 15 birds between us and was lucky if we seen 50 all evening.Just goes to show there never there when you want them.hope it goes better for next week.