Wednesday 3 February 2010

I'm on the telly - well almost!

The next best thing - I'm on this week's programme on Actually that's better than the 'real' telly, which never seems to have anything useful to say about shooting. That's me following gundog trainer Chris Burns around on beaters' day at Penshurst. He talks to me about what makes a good beating dog, a great picking-up dog, whether or not a working dog can also be a family pet, and much more.


David - pictured with Chris above - did a brilliant job of filming and editing the programme, which really captured the spirit of a fantastic day's shooting. Great stuff!


Will said...

What a great channel.
Really conveys a pride and enthusiasm for the sport.
Loving the unapologetic catchline “We let the cat out of the bag, & set the dogs on it!”

vicky said...

That Chris gets everywhere! Glad he didn't have my dog out that day :-)