Monday 9 November 2009

Here comes trouble


Vicky said...

A lab?! Come on a man...get a springer! (I've got some nice ones at the moment...)

Meconopsis said...

Nice looking pup.

Now for food ! I would feed as much Goats milk as the pup will drink mixed with at least 4 egg yolks per day up until 12 weeks of age.

Solid food. Again as much as the pup will eat until 5 months.

Raw tripe mixed with pedigree puppy food. Once you have stopped with the goats milk continue to mix 2 whole eggs into the tripe mix shells and all.

If you cant get tripe buy Butchers tripe in a can.

Vets will tell you this diet is not good for a pup ! Hey what do I know ?

My pups are twice the size of all the pups I sold from my last litter.

Millie's Hero said...

Hey, hey, hey!!!! A puppy! Bracken! Gorgeous name, gorgeous girl (I presume) So, you didn't get the Whippet pup after all! Think I may outdo you on the X Factor tho' - Frankie giving birth four days before Xmas, three days before the wedding of the year!!!! Scan next Wednesday - odds at the bookies so far are:
Peter 3
Lorna 4
Nancarrow Stud Dogs 8 - OUCH!
Totally agree with your friend on goats milk - but turn it into ambrosia creamed rice - not so sure about the eggs tho'. I also swear by Butcher's Tripe. ENJOY your pup and I look forward to the day we meet.... xxxL

vicky said...

Disagree on the feeding, but not going to recommend what you expect! Milk of any variety is not really suitable for a weaned pup, especially not mixed with cereals and 4 eggs a day is ott.They may grow fast but fast growth is linked to various joint problems no matter what the diet. I would recommend up to 4 eggs a week complete with shells and a variety of minced chicken, liver, beef, tripe, rabbit etc plus a scoop of bone powder or raw bones. The pups should also get blended raw veg for vitamins and if you want to use cereal cooked white rice is the best. i am basically not a fan of mixing commercial and home made diets.