Thursday 26 November 2009


The ProStalk camera nabbed this photo of my night-time visitor last night. There are 9 photos in all, taken in 3 bursts of 3. The info on the card shows that foxy came through twice - once around 8.40pm and then again this morning at around 6.15.

Event 0001 2009/11/25 20:39:06
Event 0002 2009/11/26 06:14:04
Event 0003 2009/11/26 06:15:44


PBurns said...

Excellent! I have been following foxes that come to my front yard for a couple of years now. I only put out the cameras one night a month or so, and only drop a bit of food at the location maybe once a week (generally some half-eaten meal or spoiled bit), but they come every night like clockwork hoping for a free eat. Since fox are pretty territorial (with overlaps it should be said), you can learn to ID your fox from small markings on the tail, back, etc. I have a pretty private location on a hill, so my camera is in the front yard, while the dogs are only in the back (and inside at night when the fox come around).

I am roasting a turkey this morning, and have just set aside the neck to put on a wire to swing high up (maybe two feet) to see if I can get a picture of my fox standing up!


vicky said...

He looks like he's just ben snapped by the paparazzi up to no good!
"Moi, diggin in your garden? No, I was...erm....jus taking a shorcut...never been here before!"