Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Iranian rabbit problem?

You'd think that Iranians had plenty on their mind at the moment, with the upheaval in their country brought home by this poignant video of the last seconds of Neda, a protester shot in Tehran.

Oddly, the counter on this site shows an ever increasing number of visitors from Iran, looking at this post about Danny Sumpter's preferred method of snaring rabbits. The diagram of how to set the snare is particularly popular.

Is there a specially bad rabbit problem in Iran, or is there something else going on here? If you have any information, do let me know.


Meconopsis said...

Bloody hell James the video is a bit strong !!!!!! remember the public perception !

If the public whom the BBC etc try to protect! from these images lived in the real world there would not be a problem and the Iran goverment would be put into line !

Just shows what the BBC will not show. Just to hide the truth about what realy goes on in the world.


James Marchington said...

The upheaval in Iran is the latest example of how governments are being taken unawares by the rise of citizen journalism, and the impossibility of controlling the flow of information. It's both dangerous and hugely liberating; governments are gradually waking up to the implications. Now watch our government (and others) try to put in place mechanisms to stop that unfettered communication when they deem it necessary. Interesting times we live in!

vicky said...

I think this video needs to be seen. It was filmed and posted not as a piece of voyeurism but to show just what is happening in Iran. With journalists allowed to say what they want, but not allowed to see anything the govt. don't want them to 'citizen journalism' has an important role to play. No everything can be taken as truth but the same can be said of mainstream journalism!

It makes you realise how lucky we are in the UK though...