Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ferret breakout!

Ferret escape tunnel

Went to feed the ferrets this morning - and this was the scene. The rascals had been busy through the night, and burrowed under the wire.

The most likely hiding place was under the garden shed, and a bit of basic tracking confirmed that something was under there, so I set a live-catch mink trap baited with a few bits of ferret food, and went to have a cup of tea. Shortly afterwards...


Three back in their (newly secured) hutch, one to go...

UPDATE: This morning, I opened up the hutch and look who had sneaked back in (evading all my carefully laid traps along the way):

Wanderer returns

So that's it, all home safe and sound. She was tucked up in the bed, fast asleep, and looked at me a bit surprised. Now I just have to fix that hole...

UPDATE: This should fix it - I've filled in the hole with concrete!


1 comment:

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

seems like catching them again is half the fun of ferret keeping!