Thursday, 18 June 2009

Nice one Jake

A while back I got the following email:
hi my name is Jake on june the 7 2009 i killed my first rabbit with my weihrauch hw95 air rifle .22 cal. when i went there were there were not that many rabbits so please can you tell me what is the best time to go rabbit hunting throw the day and also when i go rabbit hunting is it crusial to were camo
Now you could write a book (or produce a 70-min dvd!) on that lot, but I did get back to him with what I hoped were some useful pointers:
Hi Jake, 
Well done on your first rabbit! If you have a photo you could send it in to Sporting Shooter, and we may use it in the mag.  The best times to see rabbits are at first light and last thing in the evening. The weather makes a difference too - they generally don't like heavy rain, for instance. Sometimes it's best to hide up in a hedge or etc near the holes, and wait for them to come out. Make sure you wait downwind of the holes so they don't scent you, and let them get a few yards from the holes before firing, in case they kick themselves back in.  Camo isn't essential, although it helps. Muted colours are ok. The thing that really catches their eye is movement. Try not to be silhouetted against a clear background (especially the sky), and make very slow movements if you are in view. Watch the rabbits for signs of alarm, and freeze if they look up.  Hope this helps - let us know how you get on.  Best wishes,  James  
...I'd forgotten all about it - and then today I received this:

Hi its me Jake again, thanks for the tips there really good and helpful. Also here is a picture of the rabbit i shot :) i sent all the pictures just incase you like one of them. If you do happen to put one of them in a magazine please can you tell me what the magizine is called and what issue it will be.  Thanks so much for the tips.
Nice one Jake!

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Hubert Hubert said...

Congratulations, Jake! I hope the fruits of his labour made it into the pot. The photo makes it look like he was shooting on a mown lawn! In the rough on the local golf course perhaps?

Keep up the good work!