Monday, 29 June 2009

Another lapse of judgement by David Taylor MP

David Taylor, MP for North West Leicestershire, had to admit that some of his expenses claims showed a "lack of judgement", and cashed in an ISA to pay back £8,003.

In another staggering lapse of judgement, he is sponsoring this Early Day Motion, spoon-fed to him by the antis, ranting about game shooting and supposed "suffering", pest control, cartridge cases and "disruption to native wildlife".

His website promises his constituents: "Whether you voted for me or not, I’m here to represent you and the best interests of our local area to the best of my ability." Has he forgotten to consult the hundreds of shooters, keepers and others working in related industries in his constituency before supporting this inane bit of anti propaganda? Has he even bothered to look into the positive benefits of shooting (check out the links in the right-hand column of this blog).

If you're a constituent of his, you may like to remind him of his responsibilities - contact details here.

If you're not a constituent of his, write to your MP pointing out how stupid they would look if they were to sign it.

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