Wednesday 2 April 2008

I adder surprise!

Blundering along looking for rabbits today on the North Downs in Kent, I nearly stepped on this chap with my size ten-and-a-halfs. He was not impressed - slid off under a patch of bramble and hissed at me threateningly. I backed away and left him to it!


Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

These boys are poisonous, yes? Nice to see there is something dangerous in the English countryside...How large to they get? Our rattlers are coming out now, and they'll get to 6 feet on occasion.

James Marchington said...

Yes they are poisonous, but nowhere near as dangerous as your rattlers. This was quite a small one, a couple of feet long, but I've seen them a little over 3 feet. This one was enjoying the sunshine on a south-facing slope. The most dangerous thing in the British countryside moves on four wheels; its contents are almost as dangerous at times!

Anonymous said...

hi James that must have been pretty hairy!!

why do you never reply to comments on youtube or accept friend requests I sent you a friend request my youtube name is rugbynut567 willl you please accept!!


James Marchington said...

Hi Scott - sorry, didn't know to check the 'friend requests' page, done it now!