Thursday, 17 April 2008

Is rabbit disease spread deliberately?

I just had a call from a shooter in Cheshire who is convinced that "someone" is deliberately spreading VHD among the local rabbits (more on rabbit VHD here).

He says that this time last year there were thousands of rabbits on the farms around him. Then he spotted a few tame rabbits running around - and within days the wild population was decimated with VHD. He hung up his guns, and is still holding back from shooting rabbits, although it looks as though the survivors are breeding successfully this season.

So... it's well known that farmers deliberately spread myxomatosis around Britain in the 50s. Now there's a powerful conspiracy theory gaining momentum - eg see this website on the situation in Australia and NZ. But in the UK?

Do you have any suspicions, or better still evidence? Let us know...

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