Tuesday 29 April 2008

Minister for Sport supports shooting

Good to see Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe put in a brief appearance at the National Clay Shooting Centre at Bisley this morning to lend his support to National Shooting Week.

He watched Britain's Olympic hopeful Charlotte Kerwood give a demonstration of trap shooting, and gave a TV interview in which he recognised the achievements of Britain's shooters in international competition. "With the UK teams doing so well winning medals in so many competitions right across the world shooting is high on our list of sports we want to support," he said. "National Shooting Week gives an opportunity for all the misconceptions about shooting to be put to one side ... it gives people an opportunity to understand that this is a sport that can be for everybody, people with disabilities, people with abilities can get involved in shooting and it is a sport that people enjoy. I hope that my visit today in National Shooting Week and the work that Martin Salter is doing developing the liaison between government and shooting gives people a positive message, we want to see the sport do well."

The Countryside Alliance deserve a huge pat on the back for what is undoubtedly a major PR coup. It was the CA who created, funded and organised National Shooting Week, on behalf of the British Shooting Sports Council - and it's no mean feat to get a government minister along to an event like this to show support for shooting.

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