Wednesday 21 July 2010

Don't drown that squirrel

I bet they're breaking out the champagne over at RSPCA HQ. Look at the fabulous publicity they've achieved by prosecuting a bird-lover for drowning a squirrel.

I've dealt with this subject before in a previous post. Basically, drowning an animal is not kind. The animal suffers. Putting it in a sack and thumping it over the head with a weighty object may sound callous, even cruel (depending on how you define 'cruel', but that's a post for another day). But it's humane - the animal doesn't see it coming, loses consciousness instantly, and promptly dies without regaining consciousness. Job done, minimum suffering.

But the RSPCA don't want you to know that. They just want you running scared. Don't be intimidated. Read up on what the RSPCA are really about (63,321 animals killed in 2009) - and keep killing those squirrels.

Coincidentally (really?) the RSPB have a perfectly timed press release out, suggesting you use vaseline and chilli to keep the squirrels off your bird feeders. Funny, they're usually rather harsher than that on invasive alien species. Except the cute ones that visit their members' gardens I suppose.

Still, if you have the sort of neighbour that calls the RSPCA because you're culling pests, you can probably think of a use for all that vaseline and chilli.

UPDATE: Read Quentin Letts' opinion here » Preview:
Forty years ago, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was a much-needed voice of mercy on animal matters... Today, sadly, it seems to be losing touch with common sense and is pursuing animal rights with a furious logic that seems to have more to do with vexatious litigiousness and a big-sister view of social engineering rather than balanced, public interest charity work.
James Delingpole's not happy either...

AND THERE'S MORE: I read on the perennially entertaining Al Jahom that Tom Blades at BASC has suggested that people who catch a squirrel should pop it round to the RSPCA for them to dispose of. Genius! Since the sanctimonious buggers think that only they know the proper way to deal with the fluffy little vermin, let's land them with the problem - and the vets' bills. In fact, I think I'll go and drop a couple through the letterbox now, ready for when they open up tomorrow morning.


vicky said...

Or shoot it with your air rifle at point blank range. I recall a similarly stupid case where a police officer (I think) hit a dying cat on the head with a shovel as he felt it was the quickest way to relieve it's suffering. Will he squirrel not be more stressed if it is taken to he vet by car, bundled into an anaesthetic gas chamber then injected? (I'm not touching the disease ridden bitey thing hen it's concisous).

Meconopsis said...

I wonder how many farm kittens end up in a bucket of water every year ?

I am just so fed up with all this fluffy bunny sentimentality.

Next they will try to stop us from pulling chickens necks at home and make us take them to the local chicken plant for slaughter !

Sooty said...

See in the Telegraph a restuarant cannot get enough,paying £3.80 each so that may help to get some of the pests in the pot.

Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

The RSPB used to drown the mink caught in their traps in Co. Fermanagh.