Thursday 8 July 2010

Interview with Cork Graham

Yesterday I gave a telephone interview to Cork Graham of the US website Cork Outdoors - he was interested in my Rabbit hunting DVD. Cork commented that many of the fieldcraft skills mentioned in the DVD are equally applicable to hunting cottontails in the US - and indeed to other types of hunting.

It's a good point. All those 'wasted' teenage years spent skulking round the woods and fields with a BSA Meteor (and later a Mercury) were actually the perfect training ground for hunting larger quarry like deer and foxes, and gave me a love of wildlife and the outdoors that grows stronger every year. There's worse things for a teenager to be getting up to.

UPDATE: Cork has done me proud, with an extensive review of the DVD as well as the interview, split into two parts. It's all on his blog here »

Incidentally, if you're visiting Cork's website, do check out his earlier career - fascinating stuff!

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