Thursday 8 July 2010

Gun licences are like Smarties


We're used to irresponsible reporting of guns and shooting in the media, but a story in the Daily Mail today really takes the biscuit.

The hysterical Lucy Cope of Mothers Against Guns accuses police of "recklessly handing gun licences out like Smarties" to youngsters, including an un-named 10-year-old.

Of course. Because you need a police interview, criminal record check, etc, etc, to buy Smarties nowadays don't you? And if you break the law the police will bang your door down and take your Smarties away. And you can only use your smarties if you're supervised by someone over 21...

Ridiculous, silly woman. There are some of those about, sadly. What depresses me is that the Daily Mail reports her rantings as if they had some value. Only several paragraphs down does the reader learn how the law actually works, and that the 10-year-old won't be able to roam the streets "playing cowboys and indians" with a shotgun, as Cope suggests.

Instead of attacking responsible, legal shooters, perhaps those seeking to reduce gun crime might consider asking for our help and advice. It's just possible we might have something useful to contribute. I'm not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, I'd like to see Lucy Cope apply for a Shotgun Certificate. She'd be turned down flat, as too emotionally unstable to be trusted with a gun. Shame the Daily Mail doesn't apply a similar test.


vicky said...

You have to be careful with smarties....the tube they come in (or at least the tube they used to come in) could do a good impression of a gun going bang if you wedged the plastic lid on tight then thumped the tube as it lay on the table. Maybe scary enough to have the flying squad called in?!

vicky said...

I should add that I have every sympathy for the familes of those who have been kileed by legally or illegally held firearms. Most shootings of humans are either tragic accidents or involve illegally held weapons, often the very banned handguns. Gun crime will only diminish if we sort out social problems and gang culture in this country, not by preventing youngsters owning their own .410 so they can accompany dad on beaters day.

Sooty said...

Hi James seems these journalists quite often if they have no story write anything they can think up which generally winds a lot of people up,anyway you made me smile by the way you responded and of course everyone has sympathy for victims of gun crime.Liked Vicky's first comment,i suppose we have all had our share of smarties.