Friday 9 April 2010

Outfoxing the antis

Here's one for sale at

Those sentimental bunny huggers at the LACS are desperately trying to trivialise the election, to the point where they are actually telling their supporters to go round with glove puppet foxes, to do the 'Hello Mum' thing behind candidates being filmed or photographed.

Apparently this will undermine the serious messages that Conservative candidates are trying to put across, and put foxhunting at the top of the political agenda.

Oops! Did I say Conservative? After getting their knuckles rapped by the Charities Commission, the LACS are pretending they are totally neutral about who you vote for, just so long as they aren't posh want to keep the Hunting Act.

Anyhow, I propose the following:

Please would all readers of this blog make the utmost effort to sneak a stuffed toy fox, fox glove puppet, etc, into any photo opportunity by any politician, perhaps even dress up as a fox yourself - by way of showing your support for the Repeal of the ludicrous Hunting Act.

Countryside Alliance spokesmen will henceforth be issued with soft toy foxes, to be used in all interviews and photo opportunities.

Thank you.

UPDATE: Ho ho, rapid re-think by LACS - apparently I "fell into their trap". Takes me right back to the playground.


Ian A said...

If we're stood behind Gordon Brown, can we wave a dead duck instead?

vicky said...

LOL! silly election, I've always voted but it seems kind of pointless- they're all rubbish :-(

Sooty said...

Not sure about that James maybe they realised it was a bit ridiculous with your blog and decided to turn the tables on you.We do not need hunting in this area,cars do a much more thorough job for the farmers.Have not seen a fox for several years whereas we would see one every week.60 miles per hour car much more efficient than 20 mile per hour hound.

James Marchington said...

Hi Sooty, yes it's all got a bit "ya boo", all about politics, spite, class and goodness knows what else. It would be good to have an honest discussion about what's good for the fox (individually and as a population) and for the countryside and the environment. Sadly that's just not possible - too many people in entrenched positions, and too much hysterical screaming - mostly about 'sick' people's 'enjoyment' of 'cruelty' rather than any attempt to understand what it's really all about.

Meconopsis said...

Not like you to fall into a silly little trap James !!!!

I hear there are lots of swans being killed by people living rough in England. They use treble hooks to catch them and roast the swans on open fires.

Where are the Anti cruelty folk ???

Are they filming this barbarity ??

Have they even looked into the killing of the Queens protected birds ??

I thing the answers will be no, no and ho yes another NO.

Sooty said...

Funny I agree with you Fox but you surely do not expect the anti- cruelty people to bother with these that are living rough and killing swans do you.They are not toffs(always hate that word but it is funny surely)

Meconopsis said...

The likes of Animal Aid should be looking into Halal slaughter and the RSPB / RSPCA should be prosecuting the Swan killers. If the Daily Mail reporters can get film of dead cooked Swans I am sure the above 2 organisations have enough experience to bring the perpetrators to court.

Meconopsis said...

I am surprised ?

Obviously you have a wide circle of people looking in at your blog and not one response from Animal Aid's nasty little man who would drop a shooting person in the proverbial faster than you can say Travelling person !

The RSPB folk are very quiet ??

Truth hurting folks ?

Ha I have got it now. If it was a hunting, shooting British person killing the swans you could get us to court. As it is people from the EU doing it they have Human Rights !

Sooty said...

Hi Fox you certainly feel hard done by,think that although I am not in the know from experience the RSPB would be involved and would sort it out but think they can probably only do that with the police in attendance,they usually if possible do things quiely without a lot of fuss but of course if journalists etc cotton on it becomes impossible.My guess is you would not accept that version but my guess is you may be slightly biased.