Saturday 17 April 2010

Foxshooting video

It's been a bit quiet on the blog lately - I've been busy with this and that, not least trying to write something meaningful for the magazine about the huge fuss over BASC's involvement in the new Lead Ammunition Group. More on that in another post, perhaps.

Meanwhile, I've also spent a couple of nights sitting up waiting for foxes, with an interesting chap called Gary who lives close to a motorway in Essex. Over the past few months he's shot 156 foxes at this one spot - from the bedroom window of a shepherd's cottage.

The first night we saw a couple of foxes, but they didn't come in to the bait he'd laid. Back again a few days later, this young vixen appeared and... well, watch the video and you'll see (he fires at 1:05).

You can read all about Gary and his foxshooting in next month's magazine - the 'June' issue, which goes on sale on 5 May.

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