Thursday 17 September 2009

Evidence of wildlife crime

When I dared to question the RSPB's sincerity about working with shooters in a previous post, I was told in no uncertain terms that "...if you have evidence of offences being committed against birds of prey it is your duty to report them".

Well here you are then. I have uncovered evidence of birds of prey being shot and trapped. Methods include shooting with a .22 airgun, trapping in a Larsen-type trap, and entangling in multi-mono netting. The culprits have admitted their crimes, all that remains is for the RSPB and police to bang their doors in at 4am and cart them off to jail.

The evidence is all here...

Unfortunately I don't have the resources to follow this up personally, but do let me know how you get on, guys.


Meconopsis said...

Pigeon folk like the small wild bird criminals do not make news therefore no publicity / money for the RSPB James. Why would they try to catch them out ?? Men with guns however will make the news !!!!!! Donations will flood in from the misinformed / blinkered RSPB members.

Meconopsis said...

Where have the RSPB folk gone ? I was enjoying playing with them !!