Monday 20 April 2009

More emotive twaddle on snaring from LACS

An 'overwhelming' 10,000 people have signed a petition against snaring, according to the latest rubbish from the LACS. We've exposed their misleading, emotive twaddle before – here and here, for instance.

Just how 'overwhelming' are 10,000 people? More than 150,000 attended last year's CLA Game Fair alone. And how hard can it be to get gullible, well meaning members of the public to sign a petition to save the ickle animals? I could rustle up a hundred signatures in an afternoon standing outside my office door, spinning some yarn about animal suffering, from people who wouldn't know a snare from a Larsen trap, or a stoat from a weasel.

Sorry LACS, your feeble 'petition' is worthless. If you want to protect wildlife from cruelty, how about a campaign to ban the keeping of domestic cats?

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Hubert Hubert said...

I took a look at the Green Party manifesto recently. I'm glad I did, because up to that point, while I'd always known that they bothered me a good deal, I didn't know exactly why. Now I do. They seem to have a tremendously restrictive understanding of what a 'good' citizen should and should not do and, moreover, they would, if they ever got into power take it upon themselves to impose this utterly bizarre, way-beyond-puritan set of notions upon us poor unenlightened common folk as a matter of course. Fishing? Banned! Owning an air rifle? Banned! Snaring a rabbit? You must be joking!

Animal rights? Well, what about the human right to liberty? That seems very low down on the Green manifesto.